Monday, January 4, 2010

Robert Del Naja - Death Disco (Blue)

Mine! Mine! Mine!

I'm still kinda in shock that I actually hit the send button, because that would mean that I just dropped the single most money for a piece of artwork in my life. I have a feeling that it will be worth it once I receive the print though. For those of you who are not familiar with the name, Robert Del Naja (aka 3D) is one of the founding members of Bristol England's Massive Attack (& the only band member to appear on every one of their releases). I have been a fan of Massive for about 15 years now, & have been a fan of 3D's art for about as long. His artwork regularly graces the his band's CD booklets, & he has also worked with the band UNKLE on extensive album artwork for War Stories, including a 50-page booklet. Most recently, Massive Attack's latest EP, Splitting The Atom, as well as the new album, Heligoland, bear D's art.


Here's the info from the gallery site:

  • Edition of 25.
  • Signed and numbered by the artist.
  • Dimensions: 70 x 50cm
  • Color giclee print on archival watercolor stock

I got print #23 of 25. According to the site, there is now only 1 left (I'm guessing they are holding either #1 or #25 back for themselves). I really wanted the red version, which is the color scheme of the original painting, but it had already sold out by the time I was aware of these being available. (EDIT: Both versions are now sold out)

Here is a sampling of other giclees still available:

"Unbelievable Truth (Blue)"

"International Jihad (Blue)"

Here are a few other prints I missed out on recently:
Incredible print (above) entitled "Peace At Last". Unfortunately the run of 120 is long gone on this one, & I can't even find someone selling one currently on the aftermarket. This is my single favorite painting of Del Naja's, so I'm super bummed that I can't snag one. Even worse, some lucky bastard gets to relax in a room with the original 5'4" monster every day. Check out the source of my envy in detail HERE.

It was modified (color-wise) in its use on the cover of UNKLE's War Stories. For more on the artwork of War Stories, click HERE.

Above is the cover of the new "Splitting The Atom" EP by Massive Attack. I missed out on the deluxe vinyl edition as well because I did not hear about it in time. Sold originally for a little over $30, now this limited edition beauty is already fetching over $200 in less than 3 months. Read more about it HERE. (EDIT: I managed to track down a copy for a comparatively decent price).

"Unbelievable Truth (Red)"

"International Jihad (Red)"

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