Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Greatest Thing... Ever! Holy 'Life Size Alien By Jim Lawrence', Batman!

A one-of-a-kind artistic masterpiece, this full-sized Alien replica, completely hand-detailed & painted by Jim Lawrence, who as of now is officially hands down the coolest motherfucker on this planet (except maybe the guy who owns the Han Solo in carbonite office desk. On second thought, Jim is still the coolest mofo around. Wow, I'm a geek). Soak this beauty up in all of its majesty.

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To continue the Alien madness, I found these sculptures today as well, courtesy of artist Martino Catalano. I have 3 shelves that may get emptied out soon to accommodate these:

This would look nice on my dining table:

And I know just the right wall for these:
Last but 100% certainly not least, Martino sculpted a whopping 2-1/2 ft long table top sculpture of the Alien Queen, which is quite a site to behold...

See more of Martino's incredible work HERE.

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