Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Palehorse Smashes! (Picks Jaw Up Off Ground)

Christos Mysterio Jr

Our Lady Of Lucha Libre

I have been a huge fan of graphic designer/artist Chris Parks (aka Palehorse) for a while now, ever since I first saw his "Christos Mysterio Jr"/"Our Lady Of Lucha Libre" series through the website Zazzle. I immediately picked the 2 prints up since they were insanely cheap, & have been in love with his work since then. Apparently he has set the bar to epic heights, with his new exhibition "Gods & Monsters". Check out this video (& pay attention to "The Kracken" as well as the MASSIVE spraypaint/vinyl collaboration with Allen Hampton)...

Some pics from the show...
"The Kracken"

Pale Horse--Allen Hampton Collab

Chris Parks stands next to the collab piece

Pale Horse--Allen Hampton Collab

Finally, take the studio tour here (older video):

Go visit Chris here:
Buy Prints On Zazzle

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