Monday, September 21, 2009

The Sex Life Of Robots

The Sex Life Of Robots credits screenshot courtesy of "Artists In Motion".

While vacationing in New York with my buddy Patrick, I visited the Museum Of Sex. While the displays were quite interesting, one really stood out over the rest. On display was a small portion of sets & props from a decade-plus work-in-progress film entitled "The Sex Life Of Robots" by Michael Sullivan. His work brilliantly melds sex, art & robot fetishism into one form.

Some pics I took at the museum (full pic set here):

A Sperm Injection Machine (looks like a medieval torture device).

Who needs intimacy when you've got attachments?

The robot porn theatre (I spelled "theatre" that way because I'm classy).
(NOTE: The teaser for The Sex Life Of Robots feature film is playing on screen)

Check out the robot by himself in the back row with the tissue in his hand. Perv ;)

What caught his attention: the donkey show & a baby robot blowing an adult male.

I was so intrigued by the exhibit that I had to gather more information on the film & it's mad genius creator. While I could find very little info, I did discover that Mr Sullivan was a Manhattan resident, & I managed to track him down by phone (thanks to a couple of tricks I learned at my job as a tech). He was extremely gracious & invited us to stop by the next day.

I planned on only staying for a half an hour or so (to not wear out my welcome), but ended up having an amazing 2 & a half hour conversation with Mike. He was surprisingly open & easy to talk to, & was more than happy to speak about his past work, his friends, his life, the arts in general & the epic project that has consumed most of his extra time for the last decade (he contends that he still has at least 2 years until he is finished, but new ideas keep extending the goal of finishing; I will definitely keep in touch & follow up with Mr Sullivan after he is finished). I was also surprised & impressed that he would share some of the techinal information on how he made his creations, & he was even nice enough to let me take a ton of shots of his studio. He also seemed genuinely happy to be speaking with someone who has similar interests, as he said he usually never gets to sit down with those who have seen his art or purchase his robots. I could have easily chatted all day if I didn't have to get across town to a show. I also came back home with a brand new spiffy robot souvenir as well (Patrick purchased one too).

Here are some of the pictures of Sullivan's incredible loft (full pic set here). Hope you enjoy!

L-R: The Goddess Robot (molded after Blondie's Debbie Harry, who used to be
Mike's neighbor); the artist himself (with our robots); a baby robot in a cube.

"Sex Life Of" titles + a few set pieces (including a "Sperm Injection" machine).

Some incredible robots that were lying in a huge pile (I bought the one with the
jeweled neck piece, & Patrick bought the one next to it with the sagging breasts).

Some winged creatures developed for the film (unfortunately not for sale
since Mike still needed them for continuity on some upcoming scenes).

War robots (absolutely LOVE the pregnant one with the welding mask;
also not for sale due to Sullivan needing them for continuity purposes).

Beautiful creature on top of the horse, plus a few really great robots.

Unicycle robots + the coolest horses I have ever seen (I'd kill for one of those).

Canon set pieces plus 2 more gorgeous bots

An eclectic wall indeed...

One of my favorite pieces, a steel window (for an as-of-yet unfilmed scene).

The biggest & scariest penis I've ever seen. Amazing work though.

The 2 robots Patrick & I bought (mine on left, his on right), back at the hotel.

Yep. She flew home in her own seat. Now that's ballin'.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that several media outlets have already taken notice of his work. Pretty interesting stuff. After I got home, I was finally able to watch them (the internet at the hotel was slow at best, so YouTube hated me; Speaking of YouTube, see the "Banned By YouTube" Sex Life Of Robots teaser trailer here or download it here).



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